Based on how frequently you utilize your stunt scooter and everything you get-up to whenever you experience it, what elements will have to be changed and may eventually determine the quantity of maintenance essential to be completed and how often. It is essential to make sure your stunt scooter is maintained well-maintained with no matter how often you utilize your scooter these elements should be examined before every operating program and each wheels check to determine when the wheels are used to some low-level. On used wheels driving your scooter could be hazardous and could affect ending and turning.


Bearings forward, and examine the wheel bearings base bearings for wear. In order and almost any extreme play to test for play within the wheels contain the wheel or hand strongly and make an effort to transfer to side from side weblink. If you discover that there is excessive play go to examine for rigidity in the retaining bolts. You might have to displace the bearings. Next search for use by shifting the forks or spinning the wheels and find out if you are able to hear any grating sounds, again this might suggest they require changing. Assess for damage. It is suggested to check on all the following areas:

  • Front forks.
  • Rear forks / wheel retainer.
  • Foot plate especially considers the welded joints.
  • Bars look for weld damage and for position.
  • Quick-release system guarantees the rapid release folding systems function properly and examine for damage in top adjusters.
  • The handlebar insurer. Ensure the bars cannot be transferred as well as it is limited and safe just before driving.
  • Wheels if your scooter comes with a brake change if needed and search for use.
  • Handlebar grips ensure they truly are not installed safely, nor turn.

Annual maintenance this is done more often if you are using your stunt scooter more regularly:

  • Change if needed and match new wheel bearings.
  • Change and install front handlebar stem bearings.
  • Check the scooter over completely for any damage.
  • When the previous ones are used match new handlebar grips.
  • Check all quick release mechanisms.
  • If needed, maintain the scooter clear, wash.

Use lubricant to relevant locations as recommended from the scooter manufacturer and make use of a dry lubricant. Preservation of the scooter is important for a long time of hassle free riding. If you discover over-using the above mentioned guidelines that a number of your components need changing after examining your scooter, please checkout our website where you will find a few of the products you might need. We are able to help if you should be considering transforming or improving your scooter.